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 Finaly started back up!!!

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PostSubject: Finaly started back up!!!   Thu 21 Jul 2011, 9:01 am

OK so as you know I have been slowly training jacolby to do some java programming. Well him and xgunnerx have talked me into helping jacolby out on a new project to help us get a greater community.

Introducting, Magic land Alpha (pk).

This wont be your usual pk server. I will have an economy involved, There will be a lot of mini games, And the combat system will be divine.
Yes the exp will be super high and you will all be maxed out very fast. Its a pk server but it wont be all easy. There will be an economy and the such.

All godswords will be added, And There will be a pking system like no one has seen before.

I am doing this to test my new combat system and to help jacolby get his feet wet in the field.

I wont be updating a lot on these forums as we are going to switch to new forums any ways when we open.

So follow us on face book (i know its a cleche).

I have a facebook because it is soooooooo much easier to upload videos and pictures and other media there. Plus you can all like it and the such ha ha ha. Once i get the project where I want it, We will open up forums a week before opening the server. Attempting to get some hype up and maybe get about 20 waiting players. So we wont have the issue we did before of not having players because we have no players ha ha ha.

So stick with us and get ready to have a blast.

Here is the facebook link:
Magic Land Facebook

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< Learn to love it!
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Finaly started back up!!!
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