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 Forum Update #1

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PostSubject: Forum Update #1   Tue 19 Apr 2011, 7:52 pm

Definition of: Excogitation - Thinking something out with care in order to achieve complete understanding of it.

Not that anyone seems to care, but I have done some construction on the forums. There have been a few things changed around the homepage.
On the navigation, which is located on the portal.
You will find that I took out "portal", because it was meaningless to be there if you are already at the portal.
I also took out "Video Gallery" because I had taken out the videos earlier (upon Cejay's request) and totally forgot about the link.
(If you would like to see the videos , you can always head to our youtube channel @: MagicLand Youtube Channel)

After that it seemed bare. So what did I do? I added "Game Guides" this is to help people find there way to the guides section. Now it will be easier for you to access help or if you are wanting to help people, then you can use the same link in order to post your guides.

I noticed that the forums still seemed lonely, so I took the liberty of adding small images to the sides of every link in the navigation. This might make the forums more creative and attract members easier.

Players weren't registering on forums, so I took the "Webclient" button off the portal. This resulted in a downfall of players in the game. So I put it back, but instead of being right under the banner at the top I placed it right below that. This was due to the confusion with the advertisements that said "Play Now" and "Download" which are not affiliated with us at all, so if it does not say "Webclient" in big words, DON'T CLICK IT!

Under the forum section I added a "Forum Updates" forum. I also took "Announcements" and changed it to "Server Updates" for Cejay's convenience.

After I added forum updates section and changed announcements to server updates , I put them both in the navigation on the portal. I also added the monster database button at the left menu. So every one will find there monsters they want to kill easier.

The last thing I did was make it so that the links to our game on server listings were placed at the top in order to get members to vote for us so we make our way to the top. This will result in the bringing of new players for you to, you know, beat up on? Am I right?

Please enjoy.


Lead Moderator - XGunnerX.

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PostSubject: Re: Forum Update #1   Tue 19 Apr 2011, 8:36 pm

Hmm, that is a lot actually. Thanks, it sure does make the forums more interactive. xD
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Forum Update #1
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