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 I have added a couple things.

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PostSubject: I have added a couple things.   Sun 17 Apr 2011, 2:08 am

So I have had beta open for a little while, and i realized that its hard to know what to do =p. People weren't staying because they felt there was nothing to do. So i decided to fix that.

I have increased the exp you get per hit. it is now 500xp per hit. =D.

I have added 3 commands and ::yell for you guys to help our beta testing speed increase.

::yell (message goes here). This allows you to send a message to the entire server no matter where they are. (no spamming, mute does apply to yell).
::arrows - This command gives the player up to 2k mithril arrows. during the time this command is working. mith arrows are untradable, undropable, and unsellable.lol!
::runes - This command allows you to get up to 2k of every rune. during the time this command is working. all runes are untradable, undropable and unsellable.
::food - This command allows you to get a full inventory of trout. it will not delete any items you may be carrying. just fills in your empty spaces. ('Razz')

I have added a special teleport at home. you go through and enter a world of even more teleportation devices. It may seem overwhelming but dont worry. I have asked our kind npc's to tell you where those portals take you. just listen and you will hear (or see i guess lol).

also here is a detailed guide on where to find our npc's in the server. and it tells thiere drops as well. you can thank jacolby for this.
Monster Data-Base

You can also thank xgunnerx for making the forums look sexy. =D.

So before I go, i would like to mention i am now beginning our first update!. it will be pretty big so be ready to have fun. Here is your hint.
(*whispers*it has to do with slayer*whispers*)

So make sure to stick with us and keep posting those bugs =D.

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PostSubject: Re: I have added a couple things.   Mon 18 Apr 2011, 1:13 pm

First post in!

Anyway, nice job. This is cool, and the yell system... Love it! Although your pm system is glitchy. :\ Ahh well, good updates overall. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: I have added a couple things.   Tue 19 Apr 2011, 7:10 pm

looks great, haven't found any bugs yet tho (y)
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PostSubject: Re: I have added a couple things.   

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I have added a couple things.
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