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 Beta due date, and beta media.

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PostSubject: Beta due date, and beta media.   Wed 06 Apr 2011, 5:46 pm

EDIT:: i have decided to to open beta. on April 16th, this saterday. (i was going to open on friday, but supernatural is going to be on. and thats important. haha). So im just finishing up my bug testing, and setting up what i can. Tell your friends.

Welcome magic land!

I am finally ready to make these forums public. The server is ready for beta testing. I am now starting to work on mass bugs that are easy to find.
The reason we are going through a beta stage is because this is a very rough draft of the server and will have many, many bugs.

If you find a bug, you will be rewarded according to the severity of the bug. Dupes pay lots, and random animation problems pay little. But you get the idea.

I would prefer the beta stage of the server to be open by may 1st. at the very latest. I am about half way done with the mass bugs. So it probably wont take me that long to open up the beta server.

So with all of that out of the way, I give you Beta Media!

This was a terrible attempt at a movie. We used hypercam and it screwed up while I was trying to narrate. So XGunnerX salvaged the video and posted as best as he could. (I thought it was pretty good considering how terrible it recorded haha).

This movie is technically my first movie. It shows you a brief introduction into players vs monsters (npcs). It also shows you our toughest npc in the beta game Very Happy. The final monster is in beta stage and he will be a little easier. You can solo him, but you will need to be very strong to do so. Enjoy.

This movie is our second movie. It shows you our first mini game. Barrows!! =D. ill show you how it works, how to get your rewards. and how difficult it will be. enjoy

This movie is my third video. It shows you the gathering skills. Woodcutting, Fishing, and mining. i hope you enjoy it and sorry about my voice if it annoys you =D.

I will be posting more movies within this week. =D While I am doing these movies I am randomly finding bugs, so that is why they are taking me so long in between the movies. Ha ha.

Please invite your friends and be active. It helps me stay motivated. Lets make this fun as heck Very Happy
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Beta due date, and beta media.
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